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This is a collection of my work, photo edits/blends, computer graphics pixel art and websites I designed. If you are looking to see my previous art work, or websites, or even my pixel art, then you'll want to look at my portfolio.

The Fashion Report
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"Rapport la mode" or The fashion Report started off as a completely different idea. However since then the idea has had to take a back seat. On the fashion report I like to show clothes which I adore, share tutorials, and write about things that helped me, I cover most things, showing which fashion items are best for which shape I also talk about healthy diets and lifestyles and how that can improve your over all happiness! However I do not do make up tutorials!

Cute! Things to make and do.
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On here I post my own tutorials or recipes that I know and love to cook, its full of games, aswell as DS game reviews, fun things to make, and lots of baking! I also take the time to write interesting articles and let you in on my studies, essays and other types of article!

Everything Sucks
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It's good to let off steam. There are a lot of things in life that make us angry or that we have a strong opinion on. I pride myself on being able to build strong opinions. Ranting on here is my outlet, its my way of expressing my anger in a way that's fun to read back.

Boris Fan club
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I like the mayor of London, perhaps not as a political figure, more of a friendly neigbourhood toffe kind of way. If you like Boris (if not politically or as a friend, then simply because he is called boris and has blond fluffy hair) then join our listing (its a private listing).

Polka Dot Cafe
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this is my original website, polka dot cafe. It's my personal site, and has quite a lot of content. It is mainly aimed towards those from the pixelling community but anyone is free to look.

Quilting Bee
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This is my internet quilt. The quilting bee (Qbee), is a pixel trading club, people who love to pixel, and most like web design too, come together to make friends. They trade patches with their new friends in order to make a long internet patch work quilt!

Animal Care
I love animals. I like to have pets too, but I usually get rescued animals. On this part of the site, I have provided information about looking after animals, all of which have been previously discussed with fellow animal lovers, and people with good to excellent knowledge of animals. I would consider myself and animals rights activist, I believe that all animals should be treated with respect, and that animals are beter wild and free. I try to replicate this a best as possible.

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Travel Mascot
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Boris Fan
Quilting Bee
Animal Care
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